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Highly Prospective Namibian Onshore Oil and Gas Opportunity

Monitor are inviting investors to join us in exploring this emerging basin

There has been significant speculation for sometime as to the prospectively of various massive geological basins in Namibia but until now focused mainly offshore.

MEL is fortunate to control a large and highly prospective onshore area in North Namibia, where there is building evidence of a large and very commercial oil and gas opportunity.

Our neighbour ReconAfrica’s announcements strongly support MEL’s exploration strategy as they have proven a working petroleum system and good quality reservoir in the Owambo basin.  

MEL is looking for a funding partner to support a $25mln seismic and two well drilling programme in 2022-2023 in exchange for a substantial share of the prize that is potentially available. 

The MEL principles are open minded as to the structure that incoming investors may prefer to pursue, including:

✔ Conventional Farm-in arrangement, in exchange for a share of the local license interest 

Investment into MEL to support the company in executing the next stage of the exploration and appraisal

Acquisition of or a merger with MEL where the partner company is able to bring human resources to the situation complimentary to that which MEL itself would look to deploy


Our neighbour drilled

2 strat wells - out of 3 planned wells - with oil and natural gas indicators

Petroleum System

The components and processes for a working petroleum system are all present

Our Neighbour Confirms Working Petroleum System

15 April 2021

MEL notes that Recon Africa has announced that the results of its first stratigraphic well results for its licence area onshore in the North East of Namibia have established clear evidence of  the presence of a conventional working petroleum system in the Kavango basin. 

The well sample log…provides over 200 meters (over 660 feet) of oil and natural gas indicators/shows over three discrete intervals in a stacked sequence of reservoir and source rock… The intervals penetrated include highly porous, permeable sediments, marine source rocks… and an extensive marine carbonate lithofacies. Mud gas results indicate a high BTU gas with the presence of light oil.

MEL’s onshore blocks 1717 and 1817 in the North of Namibia are to the west of the Recon Africa licence area. Significant geophysical studies have been undertaken on our blocks, including Remote Sensing, Passive Seismic and Geochem (all direct hydrocarbon 

 indicators), which have been integrated with conventional seismic over key areas of interest. 

On the basis of these studies, we are confident that the play identified by Recon Africa, as being charged with a petroleum system, extends westwards over to our blocks. With the benefit of the direct hydrocarbon indicators and the structures identified by the conventional seismic over the key areas, we have already established substantial hydrocarbon resources.

Encouraged by Recon Africa’s first well, MEL  intends to move forward with our own programme, which will include some additional surveys and 

planning for a first conventional well.

We have approached a number of potential partners, but may alternatively seek a Public Listing in our own right.


Is This The Hottest Oil Play Of The Year? dedicates an article on the current hotspot for oil and gas onshore exploration, namely North Namibia.   


Oil Experts See Huge Potential  

Wood Mackenzie, the most trusted name in oil and gas resource assessments, states that the target basin is analogous to three world-class basins, including the $540-billion Midland Basin in Texas. 

One of the most respected petroleum geochemists in the world, Dan Jarvie, came out of retirement for this play and believes this could be one of the largest oil basins worldwide, and his conservative estimate is that it could hold over 100 billion barrels of oil.

Another world-renowned geologist and geophysicist, Bill Cathey, who works with the oil and gas supermajors, studied the basin and said: “Nowhere in the world is there a sedimentary basin this deep that does not produce commercial hydrocarbons.”


Then, Jarvie, a key force behind the Barnett Gas play and former chief geochemist for EOG Resources, jumped in on RECO as a shareholder because he saw a “very strong, independent junior explorer… sitting on a sedimentary basin that rivals South Texas in a massively underexplored region”. Jarvie’s own estimates 100+billion barrels of oil equivalent are based only on 12% of Recon Africa’s total holdings.

Drilling just started

Just 40 days from now, the first well should be complete. And just a few weeks after that, the analytical results should start coming in. 


We at Monitor are extremely excited that the industry is turning head towards onshore Namibia, and the predictions are more than positive.

Monitor has seen the potential and has secured a 18.500 sq km licence. Integration Report, including Resource  Estimates, was elaborated by Pioneer Oil and Gas Consulting, by assessing existing data and studies done directly by Monitor: remote sensing first, and passive seismic spectroscopy subsequently.  

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MEL enjoys a favourable logistics position

MEL Monitor licence rail and road infrastructure advantage close to ReconAfrica licence

Oshivielo train station is located within our licence. Direct connection  to the main port of Walvis Bay, to Windhoek, and further to South Africa.

TransNamib offers specialised tank wagons for transporting of fuel and petroleum to all main towns and city across Namibia.

Modern Rail from Oshivielo

Walvis Bay  660 km = 410 mi

Windhoek 500 km = 310 mi

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