Monitor Exploration
Billion-barrel plus potential with 350 mln barrel immediately drillable prospect
Monitor Exploration
Access to the World’s Most Prospective New Exploration Region
Monitor Exploration
Unique exploration approach
Monitor Exploration
Numerous, large potential hydrocarbon bearing structures
Monitor Exploration

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Risked value
US $ 333 Million

The risked value of discovery EMV
US$ 333 Mln


Unrisked value
US$ 2 Billion

The estimated unrisked value
US$ 2 Billion


Monitor enjoys a favourable logistics position

Train station situated within the licence: Oshivielo
Access to cargo port at 500 km: Walvis Bay
Cargo railway passes through the licence to port, capital and towards South Africa
Even a modest discovery will have guaranteed transport and distribution

Damara fold play now recognised by Recon

Feb. 20, 2023: ReconAfrica have now recognised the very significant potential of the Damara fold play, which manifests in our acreage as the southern thrust belt.

While their description of structures of 5 km across and 40 km long is smaller than Monitor’s AOI 00, which we estimate to be 11 km x 60 km, the anticipated reservoirs and other elements of the petroleum system are identical.

Reservoir quality and source maturity are likely to improve as we move from Recon’s acreage to Monitor’s where no intrusions have been identified.

Investor Snapshot

Monitor MEL Opportunity to invest in worlds most exciting petroleum province
Monitor MEL work completed and future steps

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