Monitor is a guest in Namibia and we intend to keep this well in mind in every aspect of business. And there are three aspects to this:


People . Safety . Environment


people of africa sustainability oil and gas industry

We work closely with the Ministry of Mines and Energy and our local partners, so that our plans are firmly set to make sure that we are working for the national benefit of the people of Namibia. In addition, we have undertaken programmes to  train local people to use the specialist equipment we have brought to the country to carry out some of our early exploration work, both in Namibia and in other African countries in the future. 



Before any action or work programme, our first step is to prepare an Operational Plan that has safety at its heart. Our teams know that this is their priority, and that our management is fully engaged.


MEL sustains environmental protection

While our first licence area in the Owambo basin is separated intentionally by the Ministry from the Etosha National Park and we are some 500 kms plus from the Kavango River, we continue to be extremely careful in our approach to our exploration programme. We have emphasized techniques that are harmless to the environment, such as Remote sensing by means of satellite imaging, Geochemical soil sampling and Passive seismic surveys.  Our plan is to undertake some additional surveys with these techniques before advancing with low impact conventional 2D seismic acquisition. This will only take place after a thorough independent Environment Impact Assessment that will need to be approved by all the Ministries involved in the process.

We are exploring to discover and produce hydrocarbons in the Owambo Basin. In doing so, we will always work with the Government and the people of Namibia to minimise the environmental impact of our operations. We are very aware of the natural beauty of Namibia and that we are working in a water scarce country, with the result that our conceptual development plans include buried pipelines to export the oil safely and to bring water from the coast to avoid the use of groundwater in our operations. Namibia is blessed with abundant solar and wind energy, supporting the development of oil & gas fields with zero carbon emissions as the facilities can be powered without the use of fossil fuels.

Our focus is always to minimise our impact on the environment while maximising the benefit to the people of the host country to whom the natural resources we are extracting belong.


Unity, Liberty, Justice