2D seismic in Q3 2021 by our neighbour Recon Africa

Recon Africa has announced that the company will acquire 450 km of 2D seismic data in the Kalahari Desert of North East Namibia. The subsequent interpretation will be tied to the currently ongoing three-strat-wells-drilling-program. The proposed seismic survey will be conducted along existing roads and tracks. 

Vis-à-vis MEL, the technical work done so far over our PEL 93 licence, it includes 2D seismic data acquired a few decades ago, and re-interpreted recently to elaborate our integrated data package. The 2D seismic allowed our technical specialists to match the subsurface structures to direct hydrocarbon indicators such as the results, in terms of Energy, from Passive Seismic Spectroscopy, carried out in 2018/2019 by Geodynamics WorldWide, the Italy-based company specialised in non-invasive and innovative technologies for onshore exploration.

We believe MEL runs ahead of its neighbour Recon Africa in terms of total g & g exploration and assessment executed and to have reliably identified three hydrocarbon prospects. MEL is currently seeking for an industry partner to help move to the drilling stage.