Completed passive seismic spectroscopy study

MEL had commissioned to Geodynamics WorldWide, GWW, an Italian provider specialised in passive seismic for hydrocarbon exploration and other non-invasive methods, to carry out a passive seismic spectroscopy study over some perspective areas over 1717 and 1817, which were identified based on the acquired g & g data for the area. 

MEL received the results on time, mid-2019. They were discussed together with our technical consultants, Pioneer, in order to incorporate the new information into a new Integration Report. 

The newly received values were applied into a resource estimate scheme to provide more reliable information to potential investors.   

The resource estimates can be found on our website: go to CONTENT and download our brochure, or go to PROJECTS and scroll down towards the end. 

After the passive seismic spectroscopy output was integrated with the existing data, 3 AOI (areas of interest) were identified as most prospective for further exploration. 

The passive seismic work took 45 days in the field with very swift logistics preparations. GWW executed the operations with their own staff and coordinated the work of the local manpower. Next, the acquired data was transmitted to Italy for processing, analysis and results. The report was delivered to MEL in mid-2019.