Empowering Tomorrow: Monitor Sponsors a Young Namibian Professional at the AOW in Cape Town

We are pleased to announce that Monitor has sponsored a young professional from Namibia to attend the Africa Oil Week (AOW) meeting in Cape Town, held 9-13 October 2023.

Supporting the Next Generation in the Energy Sector

The Africa Oil Week stands as an important event, uniting professionals, governments, and key stakeholders from across the continent and around the world to discuss and strategize the future of energy in Africa. Our sponsorship signifies not only our commitment to the growth and development of young professionals in the energy sector but also our faith in the innovative and dynamic future of energy in Namibia.


Building a Bridge of Opportunities

We hope this small step from Monitor will act as a bridge, connecting aspiring young professionals to a world of opportunities, and contributing to the sustainable and equitable development of the energy sector in their country.

A Commitment to Sustainable Growth and Development

Together with the Government of Namibia, the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Monitor is dedicated to contributing to the technological advancements with environmental and social responsibility.