Monitor actively promotes career development of young Namibians

As part of our corporate engagement to promote the career development of young Namibian professionals, Monitor continues to financially support individual training and courses upon request.

This month, April 2023, Monitor provided the necessary funds for a Namibian female student to pursue a petrochemical training program of her choice at Nosa Samtrac and covered her cost of tuition, accommodation, transport, text books and other related expenses.



“A comprehensive five-day Masterclass, equipping both aspiring safety professionals and those already employed at chemical and petrochemical environments with the knowledge and skills to efficiently manage Health and Safety at a higher level into the future with knowledge supporting safety in the hydrogen economy.”

orporate engagement to promote the career development of young Namibian professionals

We at Monitor believe in investing in young professionals who will in return become valuable assets to the Namibian society and economy.  On completing the training, we thrust this student will be well-equipped to contribute to the development of Namibia’s petrochemical industry, where there is a significant demand for skilled professionals.

monitor invests in young Namibian professional corporate governance