Monitor take part in FP Webinar on exploring onshore Southern Africa

We invite you to register for this Finding Petroleum webinar, lead by Robin Sutherland from Monitor, and David Bamford from Finding Petroleum.

Save the date: Friday Feb 9, 1PM U.K., “Exploring onshore Southern Africa“. 

Finding Petroleum says: “Oil and gas development in the region would be good news because there is an energy and power generation deficit which is holding up economic development. This includes hindering development of mines to extract minerals critical to the energy transition. And gas has a much better carbon footprint than the alternative, developing coal mines.

Monitor Exploration has a block onshore Namibia with road, rail and electricity transmission networks. The company was formed by oil service company Geodynamics Worldwide (GWW) to take advance of specialist geophysical technologies managed by GWW and its partners including remote sensing, passive seismic, surface geotherm and magnetotellurics…

There are countries in the region prepared to offer attractive production sharing agreement (PSA) terms, without onerous work programme requirements in the initial phase, so oil producers can have options rather than obligations. There is a lack of competition from independent companies for onshore licences.”