Monitor’s Successful Completion of 2D Seismic Test Unveils Promising Insights

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the 2D seismic test survey in our PEL 93. The acquisition phase was expertly conducted by Polaris, a seismic contractor based in Canada.

Two lines, specifically MEL-OB-23-03 and MEL-OB-23-10, were designed and acquired along existing tracks.

The rationale behind selecting these test lines

  • Line 3 (MEL-OB-23-03, 19km) is situated within AOI 02, strategically selected to expand the existing seismic coverage. This particular line is positioned in an area where data quality is expected to be excellent. By extending the seismic coverage, Line 3 aims to validate the presence of closure to the west, thereby strengthening the existing mapping of the lead within AOI 02. This mapping is supported by gravity, passive seismic, and geochemical data, but lacks sufficient 2D seismic information.

Monitor MEL Seismic line MEL-OB-23-03
Monitor MEL 2D Seismic Test Survey in Owambo basin
  • AOI 00 currently lacks 2D seismic data. To address this gap, Line 10 (MEL-OB-23-10, 43 km) extends anexisting line from the basin’s center, going southwards over the fold and thrust belt. Notably, gravity, passive seismic, and geochemical data have already identified a substantial lead spanning approximately 144 km2 (56 mi2) in this area. The seismic test on Line 10 holds significant importance due to the presence of near-surface volcanics.



In this test survey, Accelerated Weight Drop (AWD) is utilized as source, chosen to test our diverse geological setting, particularly in areas with near-surface volcanics.

Monitor MEL 2D seismic Accelerated Weight Drop AWD Polaris in Owambo basin

The seismic contractor achieved an average acquisition rate of 6 kilometers per day, completing a total of 10 consecutive days of acquisition without incurring any Lost Time Incidents, standby costs or any unplanned field expenses.

To ensure successful execution, adherence to the approved Environmental Manageent Plan and cost control, thorough planning and a scouting mission were conducted prior to mobilizing the seismic crew and equipment.

Pioneer Oil and Gas, Monitor’s representatives in Namibia, played a significant role in coordinating and executing the logistics, access clearance, etc.

"New 2D Seismic Acquisition in the Owambo Basin"